séance 6 – Katharina Fink

Katharina Fink, de la Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies nous parlera de « Revolution beyond area: digital entanglements of images. »

Images hold an inherent power – much as text, they enunciate what could be, what is to come: A radically different future, an alternative kind of society – or simply‚ something else. As a figuration of ‚’Vorschein’ (Bloch), images talk radically about change and constitute an archive which is accessed by artists, political actors and ordinary people alike. Particularly in the digital age, image production is key to holding shares in the claims
around attention and visibility.
This talk will provide a conceptual outlook on images of revolutions, using ‘future’ as a lens to understand movements, their action and the performance of futures from the past by means of image activation. Focussing on case studies from Africa and beyond, a footnote on archival practices and on methodology in image research is provided.